Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a process during which a person (client) seeks consultation from a trained professional (psychotherapist) to help with personal growth, behavior change, relationship or family problems, depression, excessive worry, stress, etc.  I offer individual psychotherapy services to those ages 15 and up.

Areas of Specialty:
1.  Compulsive or Emotional Overeating.  People who struggle with overeating often feel like they have no control over food, chronically diet and often eat when not hungry or overeat at most meals.  I use a combination of approaches to help people heal from eating issues that include helping discover the underlying causes of overeating and learn new habits around food.

2.  Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.  Eating disorders can significantly reduce the quality of the suffer’s life.  Often people with eating disorders feel stuck, out of control, shame and have feelings of low self-worth.  I work with clients to help identify underlying causes of their eating disorder and help identify new ways to cope with life.

3.  Binge Eating Disorder.  Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder in the United States.  It is characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating (eating large amount of food in a rapid manner), feeling out of control around food and regularly feeling shame, guilt and failure after eating.  I work with clients to help identify the underlying purpose and cause of their eating disorder and help them break-free of eating patterns and identify new ways to cope with life.

 4.   Caregivers (parents, spouses, partners) of those with eating disorders.  Loved ones of those with eating disorders often feel at a loss about how to help their loved one.  I work with caregivers to educate them about their loved ones disorder, provide practical tips on how to support their loved one in recovery and how to prevent caregiver burnout.

5. Weight Loss Surgery.  I work with people who are contemplating weight loss surgery or have completed weight loss surgery.  Often those who are thinking about or completed weight loss surgery have struggled with food issues most of their life.  I help clients work through issues related to food in order to support their success with surgery.

6. Diabetes.  Whether you have had diabetes most of your life or are newly diagnosed with diabetes, like any chronic condition, diabetes can be overwhelming to manage.  I help those with diabetes learn to cope with their diabetes in order to reduce burn-out.

7. Depression/Anxiety.  Depression and anxiety are some of the most common mental health conditions.  Left untreated they can significantly reduce the quality of life and functioning-interfering with relationships and intimacy, job satisfaction and self-esteem.  I work with clients to help them identify and change thought patterns that keeps them stuck in their depression or anxiety.